Founded in the Fifties’ by Albizzo Tozzi, who started his enterprise as a Domestic Courier delivering the products of local factories from Livorno to Rome, Naples and Bari, it improved in the Sixties’ when his eldest sons, Umberto and Pietro, got into the company. Together they realized it was time to transform the experience gained as couriers into something which was more demanded. In fact, they became trucking and forwarding company and as from 1961 they presented themselves on the national market with the present-day name N. Tozzi, as a tribute to Nada, Albizzo’s wife. By the end of the Seventies’s, once abandoned the peculiar field of oil products transportation, they had started working mostly with paper companies, at first in the Lucca area and then in the course of time on national and international scale.

Today, amongst the worthiest co-operators of our company you will find the sons of Umberto and Pietro: Federico, Elena and Nicoletta.